• registration of & domains - £12.00
    renewable every year
  • registration of .com & .net domains - £18.00
    renewable every year
  • registration of all other domains - £36.00
    renewable every year
  • hosting of any domain including email addresses - £36.00 renewable every year

Web development

  • initial home page - £99.00 including ...
  • up to 500 words + incorporation of supplied graphics
  • generation of internal and external links / menus
  • contact info + find us map
  • upload of all content to web site
  • submission of site to major search engines
  • additional pages - £25.00

No other charges will be made for maintaining the content of your web site other than recurring hosting charges.

Should you wish to host your web site with a different provider or alter the content of the web site,
either by yourself or via a third party, you are free to do so at no charge.

For the purpose of advertising our services, we may place a discreet link to idWebs within your
home page and may also link to your site from a portfolio within idWebs.

If you do not wish to be linked to idWebs, please state this when making any enquiry or placing any order.

Where we register a domain name on your behalf, we will normally ask for payment to be made in
advance for the amount due to any third party hosting company.

Payment for web site content will normally become due upon confirmation of such content as being accurate
and acceptable, at which stage all content will be uploaded to your chosen domain address.

We accept various payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Connect, Electron, Cheque and Cash.

When paying by cheque, please allow time for the cheque to clear.

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