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Can I use Outlook Express to send and receive mail via my web site?

Most ISP's support this facility, but be aware that certain ISP's such as BT have started to charge for this service.

AOL customers will not be able to send or receive mail for their web site via their AOL account.
You would have to either change your ISP or set up an additional pay-as-you-go account with an alternative ISP.

How do I separate Outlook Express incoming mail?

  • Open Outlook Express

  • Select Tools , Message Rules and Mail

  • Select the Mail Rules tab and click New

  • In section 1 check the box labeled Where the To line contains people

  • In section 2 check the box labeled Move it to the specified folder

  • In section 3 click the contains people link and enter your email address e.g.

  • In section 3 click the specified link and select the folder to which you want your mail sent

  • In section 4 enter a name that identifies the rule you have established

  • Click OK - All incoming mail for that account will now be directed to the specified folder

  • Follow the same process for any other addresses you want to separate

Should I purchase a domain name myself?

No - Purchasing your domain name yourself could prove more expensive and cause unnecessary delays. We recommend that you purchase your domain name via ourselves as we only charge a small fee of £10.00 + VAT per annum to cover the cost of dealing with the hosting company on your behalf. All our domains are purchased from a single supplier which enables us to maintain a high level of support with your hosting company.

Setting up Outlook Express Common SMTP settings